Callaway Lady CY2022 Watch

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Our passion, to bring more enjoyment to your game, extends to your golf lifestyle Tee to green and head to toe.
Price: $100.00

Callaway Lady X Fairway Wood

Callaway Lady Fusion FT-I Neutral Driver (460cc)
With the revolutionary 460cc Complete Inertial Design, the FT-i Driver pushes the boundaries of shape, of our imagination, of the rules. By positioning weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead, the FT-i Driver produces the highest Moment of Inertia of any driver on the market today, resulting in unparalleled forgiveness. Our largest, most robust CT/VFT Titanium cup face is designed to the legal limit as defined by the USGA Characteristic Time test, for increased ball speed, distance and forgiveness.

Callaway Lady CY2136 Watch

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Callaway Lady CY2122 Watch

Callaway Lady Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Draw Driver (460cc)
The Limited Edition 25th Anniversary FT-i Driver celebrates the vision of the man who founded Callaway Golf in 1982. Taking unconventional thinking and having it blossom into equipment that helps make every golfer a better golfer was the driving force for Ely Callaway. The result is a long legacy of groundbreaking innovations that started with the original Big Bertha Driver and continues today with the FT-i Driver and its Complete Inertial Design. Only 2500 of these drivers will be produced and each will be individually numbered, making these a truly valuable collectors item. ** The FT-i 25th Anniversary Driver is only available in the lofts and flexes that appear. No customization is available on these drivers.

Callaway Lady Big Bertha 06 Iron Set 4-SW w/Graphite Shaft

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

The irons that embrace everything Callaway Golf stands for: Impressive performance through innovative technology. Notch Weighting Callaway Golf’s proprietary notching weighting system increases forgiveness and accuracy, even on off-center shots. By removing weight from the center of the club, substantial bulk is removed from the clubhead. This bulk is then relocated to key areas, including the heel and toe and across the back ribbon area. This maximum perimeter weighting helps to square up the clubface, especially on off-center hits. It also increases the MOI for added stability and a more solid feel. Stunning, high-polish finish is the result of an innovative 17-4 cast stainless steel composition Proprietary technologies including S2H2, Tru-Bore, Variable Face Thickness, and 360 undercut channel design vastly improve clubhead control, feel and efficiency Bold, constant-width sole design decreases digging to eliminate fat shots and drives the club through a variety of challenging turf conditions Features an exotic shaft with paisley accents

Callaway Lady Naples Golf Shoes (Wide)
Our classic comfort shoe takes a step forward with a new color palette. Made of soft waterproof leather for unmatched performance.

Callaway Lady CY2136 Watch

Callaway Lady Naples Golf Shoes (Wide)

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Our classic comfort shoe takes a step forward with a new color palette. Made of soft waterproof leather for unmatched performance.

Callaway Lady Big Bertha ‘08 Iron Set 4-SW w/ Graphite Shaft
Callaway Lady Big Bertha ‘08 Iron Set 4-SW with Graphite Shafts : To build the most forgiving all-stainless steel set of golf clubs Callaway Golf has ever developed, the engineers set aside conventional thinking, utilized innovative technologies and have redefined the shape of super game-improvement. The 2008 Big Bertha Irons take forgiveness to new heights by integrating a set of clubs featuring the new i-brids , clubs designed to replace hard-to-hit long irons. The three i-brids combine the accuracy and control of irons with the forgiveness and versatility of a hybrid and are the most highly playable hybrid-like irons Callaway Golf could make. The set smoothly transitions into traditionally shaped irons that feature increased offset, a larger effective hitting area and a constant width sole for better forgiveness. Features: i-brids blend the control and accuracy of irons with the forgiveness, distance and versatility of hybrids Super game-improvement mid and short irons deliver the ultimate in forgiveness with increased offset, a large effective hitting and a constant width sole Fully integrated set design provides seamless performance progression with consistent distance separation and optimal trajectories Callaway Golf Core Technologies include Extreme Notch Weighting, VFT, S2H2 and a 360 Undercut Channel Modified Tru-Bore enhances feel and performance

Callaway Lady Hyper X Driver
Callaway Golf Lady Hyper X Driver : Callaway Golf engineers set out looking for breakthrough ball speed enhancements that would set a new standard in a crowded all-titanium driver market. The innovative Lady Hyper X Driver provides a new benchmark in performance with the introduction of Hyperbolic Face Technology, redefining the look, feel and speed at which golf balls leave the clubface. Eight years in the making, Callaway engineers have sculpted a club face that dramatically increases impact efficiency for greater distance on shots hit across the entire face. The 460cc head shape has been optimized for a high MOI while maintaining a traditional look. The graphite X Shaft by Aldila adds to the driver s incredible feel and performance. Features: Hyperbolic Face Technology improves impact efficiency and produces the largest effective hitting area of any Callaway Golf all-titanium driver for higher ball speeds Modified X-Sole design aids alignment at address so drives start on the intended target line Optimized head shape generates a high MOI for increased forgiveness and stability on mis-hits S2H2 increases discretionary weight by removing it from the hosel so it can be repositioned in the perimeter of the clubhead

Callaway Lady FT-i Neutral Driver with Graphite Shaft

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Callaway FT-i Lady Driver with Graphite Shaft: The FT-i Driver from Callaway Golf represents a quantum leap in driver design. With the revolutionary 460cc Complete Inertial Design, the FT-i Driver pushes the boundaries of shape, of our imagination, of the rules. This design precisely positions weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead, producing an incredibly high Moment of Inertia. Callaway’s largest, hottest CT/VFT Titanium cup face is designed to the legal limit, resulting in increased ball speed, distance and forgiveness. Also incorporated is the OptiFit Weighting System that produces the optimal center of gravity configuration. Click Image Below for Detail Carbon Composite Body Lighter than titanium, this construction improves stability and distance. Carbon Composite Body The material used to make the body is significantly lighter than titanium, allowing Callaway Golf engineers to move discretionary weight where it is needed most, resulting in better stability and distance.” class=”thickbox” rel=”detail”> CT/VFT Titanium Cup Face Callaway’s largest, hottest face for increased ball speed on shots hit all over the face. 460cc Complete Inertial Design Positions

Callaway Lady Turf Caddie Golf Shoes
A new-age classic that is at home on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Made of soft waterproof leather for unmatched performance.

Callaway Lady X Hot Fairway Wood with Graphite Shaft
Callaway Lady X Hot Fairway Wood w/ Graphite Shaft: The X Hot 3-wood is an extension of Callaway Golf s X Fairway Woods line, incorporated with a larger head volume and shallow face for increased forgiveness and confidence. Its 455 Carpenter Steel face is lighter and stronger than a traditional stainless steel face, providing increased ball speed for unmatched distance from any other 3-wood Callaway Golf produces. The larger head volume helps Callaway Golf engineers raise the Moment of Inertia for greater forgiveness and more stability. With its lighter and stronger face composed of 455 Carpenter Steel, the Callawy Golf Lady X Hot Fairway Wood delivers increased ball speed off the clubhead for unmatched distance. This lighter steel also enables Callaway engineers to increase the clubhead volume, allowing for a higher Moment of Intertia, greater forgiveness and stability, and higher confidence at address. Callaway Golf’s unique X-Sole Design rests the clubhead on two distinct areas of the sole, eliminating the tendency of a head to rock back and forth, ensuring that shots start online. The Callaway Golf Lady X Hot Fairway Wood features a Fujikura Banzai shaft, providing great feel and exceptional control to compliment the X Hot head’s performance. At 44 inches, this shaft increases clubhead speed for longer shots than ever before. Callaway engineers have incorporated a number of patented technologies, including S2H2,